Footprints by Design

Chris Betcher on Betchablog writes about the importance of teachers and students having an online footprint. He expresses what I told a teacher yesterday as we sat overlooking the Charles River in Boston. Students are online; they need to learn from us how to act respectively and productively within the Internet world. Anything less is an abdication. The post is definitely worth reading. It will help you answer some important questions.

  • Why do I and all educators need to have an online identity? (Chis talks about teachers, but I want to push your reflections to include everyone directly and indirectly responsible for educating students, i.e. educators.)
  • What responsibility do we have for our students’ online identity?
  • Why do students need to develop an online footprint for “inclusion” in their school portfolios?

Read the post to find out what Chris thinks. Here is a snippet from the post.

We have a unique opportunity to provide our students with a digital footprint that says wonderful things about who they are, what they can do and where their passions lie, but unless we actively teach them how to make it positive it may not be the case.

And if we don’t actively understand and engage with that process ourselves, we will most likely do a pretty ordinary job of helping our students do it right.

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